It Is Nearly Impossible To Lose Weight

How many times have you set goals to lose weight, and failed to meet them? You know the routine by now: you cut out the the starches and sugars in your diet, the fatty and greasy foods, and get more active, if you're lucky. But soon enough, the diet crashes, and you're back at square one, eating the same foods that caused you to need the diet in the first place.

If this has been your experience, you aren't at fault. You're likely one of the millions of people battling a sugar addiction. As many as three out of four people who are overweight are addicted to sugar and simple carbohydrates. Breaking the habit is by no means easy, but the difference is in whether you understand how the addiction works, or if you're just bound to repeat the cycle.

It's shocking how much sugar and carb addiction goes undiagnosed and untreated—this makes it nearly impossible to lose weight. Without the sweet treat, you will feel tired, light-headed, or confused. It also means having a compelling hunger or craving for starches, sweets, and junk foods like breads, bagels, cakes, cereal, chocolate, cookies, crackers, doughnuts, fruit juice, ice cream, chips, pasta, potatoes, pretzels, rice, pie, popcorn, and sugar-sweetened beverages. You may even experience shaking or weakness that is relieved only by eating something with sugar or simple carbs.

And so you've struggled for years to lose weight, to no avail. Your efforts have been unsuccessful, because going cold turkey when it comes to a sugar addiction is a grueling test of willpower—and in some cases, impossible. After all, are you aware of how much sugar is really in the food you eat? High fructose corn syrup is in the most unlikely of places. Your sugar addiction could be the one thing standing in the way of you finally slimming down, and you may not even have known such a thing existed until this very moment! This article will tell you 5 mistakes that will only leave the pounds you've been trying to shed still stubbornly attached to you, and how you can jump start your weight loss goals.

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Catherine Greene

Catherine Greene is a resident of Danville, California. An avid believer in natural health, Catherine strives to inspire others to lead a wholesome lifestyle that minimizes free radicals in the body. Some of her other interests include documentaries, philosophy, and Renaissance music.